15037415077_b2794ba961_z60 Seconds Can Change Your Life is a unique combination of music theory and guitar technique. It covers the fundamentals of music necessary to play and learn music. This course progresses at a slow and relaxed pace so that you won’t feel pressured or rushed as you play the guitar.

You Will Learn

The parts of the guitar.  How to read tablature.  How to hold a pick.  How to hold the guitar.  Proper left and right hand positioning.  How to hold the wrist.   Advanced guitar techniques.  The notes on the guitar neck.  The most common guitar chords.  Songs you can sing along with.  How to change keys.

The CD which accompanies this book will help you progress through the course. Each exercise is played slowly to help you learn the material correctly.

As one who teaches 70 students a week, I know the importance of playing at a slow, comfortable speed when learning material. Once the student has mastered the exercises at a certain tempo, he can then increase the tempo and still play accurately.

The book you hold in your hands is the one I wish I had when I was learning how to play the guitar. My goal is to save you hours of frustration by making your practice time more enjoyable and productive.


John Baucum


60 Seconds Can Change Your Life (Book)

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