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January 6, 2013

Music Theory

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Written by: John Baucum

Piano from flickerMusical theory is the How and Whys of music.  Theory is a way of explaining why certain notes and chords sound good together and others don’t.  Having a good grasp of music theory is vital to becoming a good musician.  There is a big difference between a guitarist and musician.  A guitarist will typically know only a few chords and a couple keys. A musician will know how to play in all twelve keys.  He will be more comfortable with some but can navigate through any song set in front of him.  So the question is, “Is it hard to learn music theory?”  The answer is Definitely NOT. If you have a course laid out in a systematic method, it will be easy to understand and fun to progress through the material.  In the years I have been teaching, I have created a music theory program that is divided into twenty five sections.  I believe every serious guitarist must have a firm grasp on these twenty five sections in order to become a musician.

About the Author

John Baucum
Hello, my name is John Baucum. My goal is for students to have a fun time while they learn to play a musical instrument. I strive to give the students a musical education in addition to helping them reach the goals they have set for themselves. I have been teaching Electric, Acoustic and Bass Guitar for 30 years. I am the author of 60 Seconds Can Change Your Life and the owner of Valley Music Institute. The lessons are for beginners to advanced players. Great for all ages! I Specialize in fun, engaging lessons that challenge students to strive for excellence. I teach ALL styles: Rock, Blues, Jazz, Finger style, Solo Guitar, Bluegrass and more. I teach practical theory, ear training, and technique exercises to help students reach their musical goals. One method I use to instruct students has received great results. I first let students pick a song they like. I then teach them music theory, proper technique, improvising and ear training in conjunction with the song.


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