Guitar Techniques

December 8, 2012


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Written by: John Baucum
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14898404388_fbfd0ee53fSome people say image is everything.  Although there is aspect to that, I think that having great chops is more important.  Hammer-ons and Pull-offs are essential to every guitar player’s repitua.  Hammer-ons are played by using a finger to slap quickly down on the guitar string.  This will make it ring instead of using a pick.  Similarly, a pull-off is created by pulling down/sideways on a string, with a finger, and releasing the string quickly.  Having these two techniques in your bag of tricks will greatly help you express yourself musically.

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John Baucum
Hello, my name is John Baucum. My goal is for students to have a fun time while they learn to play a musical instrument. I strive to give the students a musical education in addition to helping them reach the goals they have set for themselves. I have been teaching Electric, Acoustic and Bass Guitar for 30 years. I am the author of 60 Seconds Can Change Your Life and the owner of Valley Music Institute. The lessons are for beginners to advanced players. Great for all ages! I Specialize in fun, engaging lessons that challenge students to strive for excellence. I teach ALL styles: Rock, Blues, Jazz, Finger style, Solo Guitar, Bluegrass and more. I teach practical theory, ear training, and technique exercises to help students reach their musical goals. One method I use to instruct students has received great results. I first let students pick a song they like. I then teach them music theory, proper technique, improvising and ear training in conjunction with the song.


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